Wax Play


Wax play can be a fun and erotic way to connect with someone or yourself. The sensuality of feeling the heat of the candle burning and wax hitting the skin is a sensation unlike any other. But there are things to know to do engage in wax play safely: 

1. Always use a body safe candle. While we love our regular candles, most of these are not designed to be used in wax play. A body safe candle is made with materials safe for most bodies (allergies still exist, pay attention to your body's reaction) and burn at a lower temperature (safe is 120-130). These two aspects come down to what a candle is made of and what is added to the candle like dyes or fragrances. Certain dyes can raise the melting point to an unsafe level. Fragrances almost always do. 

2. Blow out the candle before dripping. The votive and heart stick candles are a great option to let the wax pool across the top without it creating a tunnel effect in the candle causing use issues in the future. 

3. Start dripping a candle on yourself or partner from approximately 1 foot above the skin. This gives the wax a good amount of space to start to cool before impacting the skin. If you or your partner want more of an impact, you can lower the candle distance. If you or your parter want less of an impact, you can raise the candle distance. 

How-To Video


1. Prep your play time! Grab your candle, a lighter, and a towel or blanket you're okay getting wax on. Collect any other items you want to use during play time too. 

2. Light your candle. 

3. Let the wax begin to pool. Try to allow the top layer of the candle melt to avoid tunneling. 

4. Blow out the candle. 

5. Place the candle about 12 inches/1 foot above your desired dripping area. 

6. Begin dripping! 

7. Adjust dripping height based on recipients response and feedback. 

8. Stop dripping when this portion is complete or repeat steps 2-7 based on desired playtime.