Frequently Asked Questions About Anal

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an anal or butt plug? 

Anal or Butt Plugs are popular sex toys, used for anal play. Commonly, they are short, rounded knobs with a flared base. The flared base is important for easy removal and insertion (without one, items can get lost up there and require medical intervention). However, they can come in a wide range of shapes, sizes, and materials. Some can even be comfortably worn for long periods of time. 

Why should I use a butt plug?

If you’re looking at getting into anal play, a butt plug or a set of plugs will come in handy. Not only can they be used within playtime, but they will more importantly help prepare your booty. By starting with a small plug and gradually working your way up in size, you can train it to accommodate larger toys or partners' penises.  

Who can use one? 

Although today’s plugs are often designed with a feminine touch, anyone interested in anal play can use one. They are enjoyed by making the asshole feel stuffed and stretched, often increasing the sensations of other play. Folks with penises can even reach their prostate with extra-long plugs.