Which Sex Position Is The Best Workout

Which Sex Position Is The Best Workout

Sex Workout

*These are from the receiving perspective 

We all need a good workout! The American Heart Association recommends at least 150 minutes of moderate intense activity per week, which is 30 minutes 5 times a week. But who wants to walk or be yelled at by a spin instructor when you could get in sexy time with your partner instead?! So let’s learn which position gets you the best workout while hopefully giving you the best feelings ever. 

  1. Cowgirl - If you flex those abs, you’ll be burning a solid 122 calories. If you want to get even crazier, squat on top instead of resting on your knees. This will engage the hips more with the bouncing and get you up to a whopping 172 calories. 
  2. Legs Up - Ankles on their shoulders isn’t just sexy, it’s a decent burn (in a good way!). Not only will you be burning 127 calories, but you’ll be working on your stretching as well. The next step in this position would have your partner press your legs into different angles for not only a deeper stretch, a deeper penetration too. 
  3. Spooning - As the little spoon, you’re still putting in some work killing 103 calories! The reason for this is the major core work you’re doing, mainly focusing on your obliques. Amp it up by going faster to test your endurance and a little cardio, burning even more at 153.
  4. Doggy Style - Let’s be real. You’d think this would be higher on the list right? Well, even though you are engaging your glutes and quads, you will really only be burning about 98 calories. If you to take it up a notch, hold onto a wall which will increase the burn to 118 because this works the shoulders, biceps, and triceps! 
  5. Missionary - It’s an oldie, but not a goodie if you’re looking for to sweat! While the person on top is working off 143 calories, the person receiving is only burning 44 calories. If that doesn’t sound ideal to you, you can try thrusting towards your partner to build some core strength and booty. 

Overall, most of these positions will burn about the same calories as a light 30 minute walk, but honestly, it’s more fun! 

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