Welcome To The Ice Cream Shop

Welcome To The Ice Cream Shop

Vanilla is good, it can even be great. But are you a little curious what other flavors there might be? Mama Moira doesn’t blame you! 

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So you’re new to kink. Maybe you’ve always the tasty times of vanilla sex and now you’re curious what the other flavors taste like. Or maybe you didn’t even know there was more than vanilla and you stumbled in like Bambi on ice. No matter how you found us, we are glad you’re here! There’s a whole world out there when it comes to sex, specifically regarding kinks and fetishes. Do we even know the difference between the two? Yes, in fact we do! 

A kink is something sexual that is considered outside the mainstream activities. 

A fetish is something that must be present (physically or fantasy) to achieve arousal or enjoyment. This can be an act or an object. 

Both kinks and fetishes are subjective and dependent on every single person. What your mother considers kinky might not be a stretch for you, while your friend needing to think of feet to get off might not turn you on. You might’ve also seen people drawn to a specific topic as a kink or fetish, like feet or BDSM. This may seem overwhelming or like peer pressure. Don’t feel pressured to claim a kink or fetish if it doesn’t apply to you. Also don’t feel ashamed of something you do enjoy! As long as it’s safe and consensual, enjoy away! 

There are some resources to help you figure out what interests you: 

You won’t discover every kink or fetish overnight & that’s what’s great about sexsploration! Even the most experienced kinkster may come across a new kink far in the future or it could happen tomorrow. At the end of the day, it’s about you and your journey. Enjoy the scenery! 

Remember, you can be a genuine, loyal, and good hearted person and a dirty, horny sex fiend. They are not mutually exclusive. 

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