We All Started Somewhere

We All Started Somewhere


A Guide For Kink Newbies  

Entering into the world of kink can be one of the most awkward things a person experiences. At Let’s Stay In Co., we don’t want that to be the case! We don’t want our kinky newbies to wander around aimlessly, so we are on a mission to inform, educate, and guide folks so you can live your best sex life. 

If you need an introduction to basic categories of sex toys, we have a short and sweet guide into the world of adult toys. 

If you’ve been thinking about kinks and want to know specifically what you might be into, check out our piece, Welcome To The Ice Cream Shop, where you’ll find links to different quizzes intended to provide names to your kinks. If you 

But what if you don’t really need either of those? What if you’re just looking for some intro toy recommendations? Well we’re going to take the guess work out of your sexploration journey with options for less than $100. 

Best Solo Toy 

Sometimes we want something more than our hands to bring us to peaks of pleasure. Let’s be real, we do enough in life! We’re tired and need some automation. We’ve narrowed down the best of the best so you can have amazing self pleasure. 


Warming Dildo with G-Spot Vibrator

The rabbit style dildo is a classic, for a reason! With the g-spot stimulation and vibration on your clitoris, it hits all the spots at the right tempo with 16 frequencies and 4 speeds. Ours adds in a warming sensation to get a more realistic feeling. 


10 Speed Penis Masturbator

We love a good blow job. Well now you can get it all on your own with this masturbator cup. With three sucking modes and seven vibration options, you will be able to customize your sexy solo time. 

Best Couples Toy 

Silicone Penis Ring 

The double loop ring surrounds the rod and the ball, creating a tight fit that not only increases endurance but also achieves a larger and harder erection. The clitoral stimulator will ensure the best time for the vagina owner too. 

Best Adventurous Toy 

Inflatable Sex Aid Pillow


The sex pillow is the best toy for those folks looking to up their sex game, but not start whipping out… well whips. With three different options, you can choose a pillow for any position or every position. It’s better than using your basic sleeping pillow for so many reasons, but the main being, these are a more stable option that aren’t going to crush when weight is applied. 


We hope these recommendations might speak to you or inspire you to take your first step into sexploration. After all, we all started somewhere. 

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