Tips for Butt Plug Play

Tips for Butt Plug Play

So you’re interested in butt play, eh? 

Up front, there are 2 things to keep in mind when placing anything in an anus.

  1. Only use items made for anal play 
  2. Never go from anus to vulva (that includes the vagina)

Things to consider when looking for butt plugs. 

1. Size Matters 

Bigger is better, right? Hmm wrong. Or at least, not necessarily. The anus is a muscle, and just like stretching or working any muscle, you wouldn’t go to the heaviest weight first or try to do the full splits completely cold. This is why it’s important to start with a small size first and work your way up. You’ll notice that butt plugs are often sold in sets (like our silicone and jeweled) so that you can do exactly that. 

2. Notice The Shape - All About That Base 

When jumping into butt plug play, the first mistake I made was grabbing the first toy I saw, which ended up being an egg shaped toy. Luckily, the store associate pointed out that for newbies, this toy could very easily become lodged and unable to be removed easily. We’ve also had poorly designed plugs get swallowed up similarly. We’ve heard the horror stories of ER visits for things lost up bums. We don’t want that for you! So opt for toys that have a base larger or wider than what is entering you. This allows you to grab it and remove it with the piece left sticking out, whether that’s a T shape, a jewel, etc.. 

3. Soft or Firm? 

Just like the peach, it does matter how soft or firm a butt plug is. When deciding what level of firmness you should use, it typically comes down to your experience. For newbies, a softer material might be a little easier to use because they can be more accommodating. However, keep in mind that any plug should still be firm enough to ensure it’s not difficult to insert.

4. What’s it made from? 

Butt plugs can be made out of various materials and since they are considered “novelty” items, they are unregulated. This means, it is up to you to ensure whatever one you purchase is actually safe to be used around your genitals. 

  • Silicone - There are a number of benefits to using silicone butt plugs. They are known for being a more flexible option while maintaining their shape. Additionally, they are inexpensive and easy to clean. The two cons to them is that they aren’t as smooth as other options and should only be used with water based lube.
  • Glass - Glass is inherently smooth, which is nice. Glass is easy to clean too and offer a wide variety of colors and designs. The main con is that they can break, which is a unique issue that cannot be replicated by the other materials.
  • Stainless Steel - The hardest material will always be metal because it doesn’t give any flex or bend. These are non-porous (ie. smooth) and therefore offer easy cleaning. A surprising benefit is that these can be used in temperature play (heating and cooling) for a unique experience. 

5. How will you use it

How long are you going to wear it? Is it to stretch and prepare the anus or for different anal play? Experts have different opinions about the ideal timeframe for wearing a butt plug, but at the heart of any recommendation, is the same advice: take it slow and build up time little by little. Even as you get used to wearing butt plugs for longer periods of time, we still recommend limiting wear to 2-3 hours at a time, mainly to prevent discomfort. 


We seriously can’t say this loud enough. Repeat it for those in the back. The anus does not naturally lube itself like a vagina or even a penis with pre-cum. Lube should be used every single time you play with the anus and that includes with butt plugs. If you start to feel dry or irritated at any time, add more. Remember, your anal playtime should not be painful. 

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