Living On The Edge: An Orgasm Story

Living On The Edge: An Orgasm Story

If you’re like us, you probably follow some kinky folks on social and have seen these accounts mention edging. It sounds interesting and people rave about it, so what is edging? 

Edging is the process of engaging in sexual stimulation, then pausing or changing stimulation right before orgasm, and then resuming stimulation. This can be repeated as many times as you’d like. 

You might be wondering why people do this. Orgasms are already pretty great! Well, what if they could be even better? What if you’re enjoying intercourse and don’t want it to end? Want to tease your partner? While the purpose of edging can change for each person, here are just 3 reasons to try edging, either solo or with partner(s).

  1. Increase self awareness and partner intimacy
    1. Edging by yourself can help you get to know your body and what brings you to maximum pleasure. 
    2. It also provides a great opportunity to learn your partner's body and how to help them reach peak pleasure. 
  2. Intensify orgasms 
    1. According to relationship therapist Megan Harrison, edging and orgasm control can lead to more powerful orgasms. 
    2. Delayed gratification Is a concept that the longer you wait for something, the better the results will be. This can be applied to orgasms too. 
  3. Extends intercourse 
    1. Sex feels good on its own. Whether or not your goal is to climax, you can’t deny the journey to the peak is quite incredible. So take a little longer to get there! It’s also the perfect excuse to tease your partner until they’re panting for more. 

Now that we’ve got you thinking about trying edging, keep an eye out for our How-To guide coming soon! 

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