How To Store Your Sex Toys

How To Store Your Sex Toys

The Basics 

You might wonder, why can’t I just toss it in my nightstand or into my closet? Well, uncovered sex toys literally welcome in/on pollutants and dirt. Plus, these are precious items that you should treasure, why not take the best care of them that you can! So let’s go over a couple of things you can do to make sure your toys are stored safely. 

First and foremost, always follow product directions for cleaning. Invest in a toy cleaner, if products permit, such as these wipes that happen to be travel friendly. Make sure when you are ready to put your toy away that it’s also dry. Dirty and/or wet toys will allow bacteria to grow. Finally, always separate your toys from each other, this eliminates further cross contamination if something is dirty and allows your products to last as long as possible. 


You have a couple of options when it comes to safe bags for sex toy storage. There are always the simple polyester or cotton options or the next step up microfiber baggies. If you’re really serious about storage, there are specially made bags for adult toys like these by Sugar N Spice which include their proprietary “BioShield 75 that helps prevent the growth of bacteria, yeast, fungi, mildew and viruses”. It’s common to use bags in conjunction with other storage like boxes. 


For those of you who are like us, and have a larger collection of toys, you might be interested in a dedicated space for all of your items. Boxes and cases also allow you to store your other sexy items such as condoms and lube all in one place so you’re not running around the room looking for everything. Now, you can totally use a regular plastic bin, but still remember to store your toys separately, either by baggie or by compartment. 

There are other options though! There are special boxes with anti-microbial insides for safe storage as well as additional compartments. If you potentially don’t live on your own and you’re worried about snoopers, look for an option with a lock. 

We highly recommend storing your lube or any other liquids in its own piece of storage, even within the box. The number of times we’ve had a bottle leak is a bit embarrassing, but the separate container saved us from damaging our other items every time! And don’t forget about your toys’ chargers and batteries. Keep those close by, by storing them in your box for quick charging or replacement. 


If you don’t like the idea of having a clear plastic bin with your toys tossed under the bed, there are alternative options for storage like disguised furniture such as ottomans and benches. These can double as sexy-time furniture for fun positions too! One thing we found for our collection was a locker chest at a local home decor store. We painted it black, lined the inside with faux fur and then placed clear containers for our liquids and used fabric bags for our toys. 


For a quick recap, take note of the following guidelines:

  • Always follow your toys directions for cleaning
  • Always make sure your toys are dry before storing 
  • Don’t allow your toys to touch in storage 
  • Utilize safe bags and boxes to store toys individually
  • Large containers can house your collection 
  • Get creative with your large storage options, as long as your individual toys are safe! 
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