Hey Pumpkin! Trick or Treat Yourself To These New Toys

Hey Pumpkin! Trick or Treat Yourself To These New Toys

It’s Halloween and time to get yourself a treat with one of our new toys! Who needs candy when you can indulge in the best delights of life with kinky toys and enhance sexy time.   

Beaver Tail Paddle 

This light-weight paddle is an excellent choice for beginners and warm-ups. 

At 6oz, the business end of the paddle delivers a nice blow that can range from super sting-y to surprisingly thud-dy, depending on the impact angle and where you're aiming. The slim design and featherweight allows the top to nimbly mix up the impact to keep the receiver on their toes. 

The angled handle fits into the palm of your hand perfectly, for comfortable impact administration. 

Hand-dyed to bring out the most of the natural figure in the wood. Finished with boiled linseed oil and rub-on poly for a smooth finish. This is a unique, handmade item. 

Finger Sleeve Vibrator 

The perfect accoutrement to any finger play for your partner with a vagina.  With a bullet vibrator at the base, the vibrations ripple down the finger sleeve to provide stimulation to both the clit and vagina, in addition to filling your partner with two fingers. 

This rechargeable and waterproof product allows you to enhance any foreplay at any time. 

Rabbit Tail, Ears, and Accessories

Halloween is the perfect time to dress up and what’s a better time to dress up than in the bedroom! Who needs a plain Playboy Bunny costume when you can go the extra mile with a bunny tail butt plug and matching ears

The nipple clamps provide constant stimulation for an often under-stimulated area. 

The collar adds another layer to the dress-up and can initiate a layer of D/S power dynamic if that’s something you’re into! 

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